Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Your Daily Bum: Shane Endicott

If you want an automatic facepalm from a Penguins fan, casually work the name “Shane Endicott” into your next conversation. The name is sure to dredge up bad memories of days when the Igloo was only sold out on bobblehead nights and the prospect of moving to Kansas City haunted our dreams.

After he put up respectable numbers in juniors for the Seattle Thunderbirds, the Pens made Endicott their second round draft pick in 2000. Though they hoped the lanky center could become a power forward, he would ultimately join such illustrious names as Brian Gaffaney, Pavel Skrbek, and Ondrej Nemec as another one of the Pens many forgettable second-round picks. Beloved in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton by the men for his play on the ice and by the women for his surfer-boy persona and shaggy hair, Endicott had looks more fitting for “The O.C.” and a stoner-like personality more apropos for “Pineapple Express.” While in Wilkes-Barre, he roomed with the ever-popular and equally hilarious/clueless Colby Armstrong. Their early-twenties exploits are forever chronicled in the NHL Network series “Chasing The Dream” where their filthy living quarters would have made a South Oakland slumlord blush.

Endicott saw the proverbial cup-o’-coffee with Pittsburgh in his rookie season, notching an assist in four games in 2001-02. Endicott would spend most of the next four seasons in the minors where he was the model of consistency, amassing exactly 39 points in three consecutive seasons. His big break with the Pens came in 2005-06 where he saw action in 41 games, racking up a goal and an assist to go with 43 penalty minutes. Other than being a poster child for uninspired and lackadaisical play, Endicott is probably best known for having the guts to challenge the shining pillar of leadership, heart and all that is man, Mike Richards, to a fight in a Wachovia Center crapfest that season (pictured above). Though he came up short, we Pens fans admire the fact that he probably called Captain Courage some pejorative terms and may have landed a punch or two on that doucher’s smarmy mug. Shane is an avid guitarist and BMX biker, and we wonder how famous he may have become had he joined a band like Yellowcard or starred in the X-Games. After his release from the Pens, Endicott bounced around the AHL before landing in Japan with the Oji Paper Eagles of the Asian League where we’re sure he’s doing a hell of a job.

FACT: Despite being a semi-intimidating physical presence at 6’4” 200 lbs, Endicott’s career fight card reads zero wins, one loss by TKO, and four draws over nine seasons of junior and pro hockey. What a bum.


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