Monday, August 9, 2010

Slash: Steeler Bum

Kordell Stewart was drafted in the 2nd round (60th overall) by the Steelers in the 1995 NFL Draft. Although he was a 1-time Pro Bowler, and led the team to the AFC Championship in `97, nearly 96.7% of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan area consider this man a bum. Here's why..

To begin, he was just a terrible QB. He ran the ball more than he did throw it and every time he threw it, it was always to anybody that wasn't wearing Steelers' colors. Some would argue, he did get the Steelers back to the AFC Championship in 2001 before losing to a team that was cheating the whole game. I believe he would have been a good wide receiver or punter. But he chose a different position. Some remember him as the man who paved the way for mobile run and gun type quarterbacks like Mike Vick and Vince Young. I remember him blowing every opportunity he had with us in any playoff environment, and I remember him throwing 72 interceptions.

Then there was a rumor that spilled out that he was possibly homosexual. He denied these reports.. but what was that white thing on his face? After these rumors started spreading around, his play went completely downhill and he even publicly blamed his poor play on it. Sensitive bum. He remained our starting QB up until the 20002 season. but after throwing an interception into double coverage in the end zone at home against the Cleveland Browns in the third game of the season, he was replaced by increasingly popular backup Tommy Maddox (future bum of the day), and Stewart was released at the end of the season.

The following season, Stewart signed as a free agent with the Chicago Bears and was named the starter. After several poor performances, he was replaced by rookie Rex Grossman and released again at the end of the season. Stewart signed with the Ravens in 2004 to play a backup role to Kyle Boller (who?) but did not throw a pass the entire season. However, he was unexpectedly successful as an emergency replacement for punter Dave Zastudil (who?), being named NFL Special Teams Player of the Week for his punting performance. What an honor. He retired with a measly career QB rating of 70.7.

After he left the NFL, Stewart made guest appearances on the TV shows Deal or No Deal and Pros vs. Joes. It was later confirmed that he only appeared on these shows because he was in a bit of debt at the time.

But wait! On April 29, 2008, on a radio interview, Stewart expressed interest in returning to the NFL. Also, on ESPN2's First Take reported that Kordell is not officially retired and has been working out at his home, to attempt a comeback next pre-season. (LOL)

Kordell is currently married, and has a 5-year-old son named Syre. Nice name choice. He resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Big Thrashers fan. He made $16,110,260 total with Pittsburgh. $223,753 per interception thrown.

Some say that many Pittsburgh fans over hyped Kordell because of a single college football play he made. Most say that he was a nice guy. And he was. But so was Konstantin Kolstov. And he'll be appearing on The Bum Blog sooner than later too. Hooooooo.

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